Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looking for Red

I know CNY is just days away.
Unfortunately, the only new garment I have bought is a red panty,
Yup, only one.
I tried getting a nice red top or dress.
Seems like the colour of choice this year is orange instead of red.
Orange is so not my colour...doesn't match my skin tone lar.
Relatives would also be wondering why an orange is hanging out in Grandma's house.
I want to eat oranges, not look like one -_-

Have been eating lots as well recently thanks to aunt Serene who gave us so many containers of cny goodies that she made herself.
I can't seem to stop munching while reading Nelson Mandela's memoirs.
I'm only about 1/3 through the book and some parts are boring.
But it definitely opened my eyes about South Africa.
The courage it took to fight for freedom and sacrifices that not many would make.
I bought the book for mum last year I think.
But I don't know why I chose to read it this past week.
Maybe there's a message for me from above...maybe it's a sign.
I really think it is.

I'm again in a stage of imbalance.
Though now I know what to expect for the next few months, it has left me feeling a little overwhelmed.
So many things to think about...decisions...decisions...decisions.
I'm not sure what are my expectations anymore, which is bothering me more than it should actually.
I'm feeling the pressure to achieve which is not something new but it's getting on my nerve.
Just let me be...I am who I am.
I can't be you and I don't want to be.
Deal with it.

Okay...I sound bitter.
Well...I kinda am.
Maybe I should snack on some dessert to sweetened things up a little.
I'm just going through one of my mood swings...part and parcel of being a Gemini =P

Things are changing...very fast.
Just gotta keep up or else I'll fall.


Baby said...

buying reds and oranges? not my color, i think i'm going to grab what i've got now..

i'm only starting to spring cleaning coz i finally make the guy to move his butt. and i'm having back ache already.

i should be free after 2nd day...

Tracy said...

I want only red...don't fancy the colour orange.

At least you still can finish your spring cleaning before the new year =)

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