Sunday, February 7, 2010

Klang Wedding and Bak Kut Teh

Yesterday was a super early day for us gals.
Got up before 6am O_O...haven't done that since OBC days.
Joverse stayed over at my house so both of us could make our way to Klang together gether la.
Klang is still a very foreign place to me so we made arrangements to meet Regina and trailed her to Shey Imm's house =)
No point trying to be smart aleck and get lost in Klang at an ungodly hour isn't it?
We got there safe and sound and the bride was just about obviously must camwhore lar before the bridegroom arrive with the angpows =P

Me, Joverse, Regina, Yann Mei and Shey Imm the bride.
After much "hardship" and lots of angpows...Lai managed to get his bride from the clutches of her "chee muis". Congratulations you two!

Ahem...Charlie's Angels in Klang...this is Regina, Yann Mei and me camwhoring again by the road. Me trying to show my artistic side with the camera...not bad right? =P

After Shey Imm left with Lai for Johor...I can't wait to go breakfast.
I was so hungry and also sleepy.
So Regina took us for some Klang bak kut teh.
Since in Klang already...sure must have some bak kut teh lar.

This bak kut teh place was recommended to Regina by her friend.
It's located at the back of the Klang Hokkien Association which was said to be pretty famous.
Since it was a first visit for all 3 of us...we kinda had a little trouble finding the place.
It's quite secluded okay.
Luckily there's an arrow at a signboard at the association's entrance pointing the way.
See....I didn't bluff...secluded right? Who would've guessed there's a restaurant at the back lorong?

Yeoh's Bah Kut Teh...only open for business during breakfast and lunch. Closed on Monday and got website somemore =D

Here, you're given a packet of tea leaves and a teapot with a few little teacups to brew your own Chinese tea. There are kettles with boiling water stationed nearby just for this purpose so it's quite dangerous if you're bringing kids to this place.

Yau char kuai came first and the portion so small leh.

Our pot of bah kut teh...looks yummy doesn't it? Luckily the bak kut teh soup got colour and not those clear type. Whenever I see clear bak kut teh, it makes me feel kinda's as if they never put enough herbs and ingredients mar.

We also ordered some organic golden needle mushrooms. Damn little also lor =(

A plate of vege which I didn't even touch =P

What surprised me the most was the fact that they have a branch in Hong Kong.
Check out their website for their menu and more pics. 

So...would I go back to Yeoh's when I have bak kut teh cravings?
Probably yes if I'm in the area.
But I won't be driving there all the way from Subang just for it.
It's not that yummilicious to make the journey.
Somehow, I still think my usual leng chai bak kut teh shop in SS14 Subang is the best =P


Baby said...

vegetable so nice... i rather you have my share of bkt and i've your share of vegetables..

Tracy said...

I think the vege looks better in the pic than on the plate =P

Lol...I'm a meat person, remember? Bak kut teh anytime *drools*

Baby said...

i'm a food person coz i eat all

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