Monday, February 1, 2010


After days of cleaning and rearranging the library (which is still not completed yet!) and then a busy weekend, I now resemble a drooping flower (I droop very prettily one okay)

Saturday was spent going around Klang with Yann Mei and Regina.
Thankfully we made it to Regina's house without much drama except to miss the turning into her taman coz' the road was missing it's name sign *faints*

We busybodied a little in Regina's home and then she took us to AEON Bukit Tinggi which was pretty impressive as it has many of the popular retail outlets and lots of food options.
Walked around alot and my feet was kinda killing me but we were on a mission.
Gotta get a gift for Shey Imm as we're headed to her house later somewhere in Klang for dinner.
After alot of window shopping...erm...for ourselves...finally decided on a gift and off we went for yumcha.
Remember my feet? needed rest =P

Shey Imm was having her Chinese bachelorette dinner and there were more than 200+ people that night.
We managed to get a table and the gossiping didn't stop till we had to leave!
Regina then took me and Yann Mei for a drive to i-City to look at some lights display since both of us obviously doesn't venture into that area very often.
It was definitely a fun day out with the gals.
We talked and laughed so much the whole day...I ended up too tired to sleep.
Finally slept at around 4am -_-

And had to wake up at 9am the next morning.
I volunteered to help out with Aunt Serene and Mum's little project of making "kuih kapit" (love letters).
Using charcoals and it was bloody hard work I tell you!
I wouldn't say it was a failure as we managed to make some crunchy kuih kapit...but QC was kinda lax =P
After hours of sweat and aching arms...only managed to produce 2 big biscuit containers!
I was in charged of fanning the charcoal so that productivity increases and now my arms feel like they're dropping of...long time never use my upper arm muscles since stopping bootcamp =(

Brain not really working right that's it for now.

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