Thursday, August 12, 2010


Lots of events are happening in our lives right now.
Double Tree by Hilton just opened and Eric is super buzy with work =(
I barely get to see him...and when I do, he looks more like a zombie (from lack of sleep).

My closest cousins are moving overseas...super sad about that.
It's good for them of course, but I'll miss them lots.
Melaine is working in Shanghai.
Melissa in Moscow.
And little Ann is going to the USA to study.

Just when I come back, everyone else moves away...
I wish them all the best...just remember to come home to visit.

Many of our closest and oldest friends are getting married in the next few months.
That's goin to burn a huge hole in our pocket.
Unavoidable I guess...just wish Chinese wedding dinners didn't cost so's the guests that are going broke -_-

As for me...there're changes with me too.
Only a handful of people knows about it...well...the time will come =)

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