Friday, August 13, 2010

Being stressed out

Okay...I'm not the only person that's stressed in this world...won't be the first and definitely not the last.

People had always said that managing people is the hardest role in the working environment.
I totally agree.
I am bothered by some people's attitude.
Seriously, I actually smiled while I was seething inside like mad.
God, that was a freaking hard thing to do.
Going to have lots of things to learn in my new role.
Managing people would be a priority for now...I just hope I don't end up nuttier than i am now.

Not sure how I'm going to juggle all these new things in the office and also in our personal lives.
When would everything finally settle down? Probably never.

How I wish I can change certain things that's happening...but many things are beyond my control. So let it be.
If it works out, good.
If it doesn't, walk away.

Would it be that easy? I hope so. I want to have that choice. The choice to just walk.

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