Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Nursery Checklist - Pt.1

Everyone knows having a baby doesn't come cheap these days.
There's so many things to consider from baby's clothes to cute lil' booties.
Not forgetting insurance policy and future education fund.
Among all the happy anticipations of Junior's impending arrival...there's a whole list of things to prepare for him...started pretty late on this checklist, but as they say, better late than never =)

                                   Cot and Bedding                                 

We've considered getting a travel cot cum playpen. But after visiting Ikea, we've decided on a toddler bed with guard rails instead of a baby cot. I know it's kinda out of the ordinary to do so but I've heard so many stories about babies not liking sleeping in a cot and it's a waste of money. Hence, we got a lil bed that Junior could use till he's about 7 or 8. Hopefully we made the right decision as it doesn't come cheap. Got him a nice mattress and plain sheets to start with. Have read that babies don't need any pillow or bolster as it might cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS). So we'll add accessories to his bed when necessary.

(√) Baby Bed
(√) Mattress
(√) Mattress protector
(√) Waterproof Mattress Pads
(√) Fitted Bedsheets
(√) Blankets (a cute alphabet cross stitch blanket I made earlier)

Nice To have
- Swaddling Blanket (can be substituted with cloth napkins)
(√) The First Years - Close and Secure Sleeper (as I'm planning to breastfeed Jr. through the night, it'll be nice to have him really close by ie. next to me on the bed...lets see if Eric joins us)


We're planning to use a cloth diapering system for Jr. It's the modern kind of cloth diapers and they're oh-so-cute (not the kind that our mommies and grannies used in the olden days). Why you ask? Well, we (or I actually) have some pretty good reasons for considering being a cloth diaper(CD) mommy.

1st - Save lots of $$$. It's cheaper in the long run (but that also depends the brands/types of cute diapers I can't resist buying) as these CD are washable therefore reusable which means...

2nd - We can use the same CD for our next child! Saving us more $$$.

3rd - CD will keep baby's bottom smooth and itch free. Heard of diaper rash caused by disposable diapers? Yup, it's painful for babies and agony for mommies.

4th - Save the environment. I'm trying to contribute my little bit to save the environment. Just imagine the amount of disposable diapers that goes into our landfills daily. It's not a pretty sight.

I'm not naive, I know it won't be easy to CD a baby when there are so many other things to do. Anyhow, I'm determine to give it a try and see how it goes =)

(√) Baby Cloth Napkins for various uses (nappies, swaddling...etc)
- Nappy Liners
(√) Baby Wet Wipes
- Changing Mat
- Baby Hypoallergenic Detergent
(√) Disposable Diapers (have read that it's best to use disposable for the 1st month)
(√) Cloth Diapers (So exciting...bought GroVia and Bamboolite)

Nice To Have
More Cloth Diapers that makes me wanna pinch baby's bottom!!!
(Gro Via, Happy Heiny's, Itti Bitti, Cushie TushiesBum Genius, Moo Moo Kow, Baby Kangas, FuzziBunz, Rumparooz, Knickernappies )


                                       Baby Clothing                                   

We're going economical on these as babies do grow pretty fast. Will buy Jr.'s clothes as and when needed.

(√) Booties and mittens
(√) Short sleeve shirt 
(√) Long sleeve shirt
(√) Long Pants with/without feet cover
(√) Bodysuits
(√) Newborn Hats
(√) Handkerchief

                             Baby Care/Bathing Needs                          

(√) Baby Bathtub (Thanks to Aunty Audrey)
- Baby Bath Wash
(√) Wash Cloths
(√) Cotton Buds
(√) Bath Towels
- Baby Lotion/Oil

Nice To Have
(√) Baby Monitor (Thanks again to Aunty Audrey)

                                  Feeding Supplies                                 

(√) Baby Bottles - Currently have Nuk (cause I'm really convinced by their nipple shaped orthodontic teats) & US Baby glass bottles (Thanks to Aunty Melaine)
(√) Bottle Brush
(√) Liquid Cleanser for bottles & teats
(√) Little Bean Sterilizer
(√) Little Bean Food Warmer (mostly for stored breastmik)

                                     Breast Feeding                                   

(√) Medela Swing Breastpump
(√) Breast Pads (in case of leaks)
- Nipple Cream (not sure if I need this...but cracked nipples sounds super painful)
(√) Nursing Bra
- Nursing Tops

Nice To Have
- Nursing Pillow (not sure if I really need one. I'm considering My Best Friend Breastfeeding Pillow but Eric says I can just try with a normal pillow on our bed) 

                                          Toys / Play                                        

Nice To Have
- Bouncer (Considering
BabyBjorn but they're super expensive *sigh*)

                                       Out and About                                     

- Baby Stroller (considering Quinny Zapp Travel System but's super expensive)
- Head Support Cushion
- Travel Changing Mat
- Carseat
(√) Diaper Bag (thanks Aunty Melaine for a cute diaper bag. But I'm still hoping to get my hands on a  Mrs Smith's Bag )

Nice To Have
- Ring sling (considering JumpSacBaby which is made in Malaysia)

For now, my checklist is lacking some stuffs that we may need.
So hard to decide if we should get the more expensive version of stuffs which have super great reviews (i.e QuinnyStroller, My Bestfriend Pillow & Baby Bjorn Bouncer) or just go and buy cheapo ones which I might just regret later as they don't work as expected.


Baby said...

i'm not a mother but just a reminder. don't pamper junior too much when he's a baby. you will regret it when he's older. that's what i see from my nephew and niece now.

Tracy said...

The pampering will come from Jr.'s grandparents and relatives..I've already accepted that fact =) Just have to teach him not to take advantage of it!

mellomouse said...

I'll advice on a playpen with its soft walls. Once Jr can flip, grab and stand, you will appreciate the soft height of the playpen. Plus you won't need cot bumpers.

This is my experience with a hyper tiger. If he can, he'll climb right out of his Ikea cot :)

Oh, a playpen is good cause you can put Jr down and go for nature calls in peace ;)

Tracy said...

Thanx for visiting Mellomouse =)

We've already gotten the bed so I guess we'll see if we're lucky enough to get a playpen as presents for Jr. =D

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